Crown lengthening is a procedure that may be carried out to:

  • Correct a “gummy smile”, where the teeth are covered with excess gum tissue;
  • Produce a more even and symmetrical appearance of the gum line;
  • Lengthen a tooth so that there is enough tooth structure for a crown or bridge to be placed; or
  • Lengthen a tooth that has a fracture or decay below the gum line, so that the tooth can be successfully restored by your dentist.

Crown lengthening involves reshaping or recontouring the gum tissue and bone around a tooth. It can be performed on a single tooth or may involve several teeth. The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic in the dental chair. The gum is trimmed to the ideal shape. It may also be necessary to fold the gum back to allow a small amount of bone to be removed around the tooth.