Gum grafting is often indicated in areas where the gums have receded. Receding of the gum may occur as a result of many factors, including tooth brushing trauma (i.e. using a hard toothbrush or overzealous brushing technique), tooth malposition, periodontal disease or muscle pull on the gum line.

Often patients do not like the appearance of receding gums and wish to consider gum grafting to improve aesthetics. However, receding of the gum may also result in tooth sensitivity and increased risk of root decay.

Therefore, gum grafting may be indicated if:

  • A patient wishes to improve the appearance of an area where the gum has receded;
  • A tooth is very sensitive to hot and cold;
  • The area of gum recession appears to be progressing;
  • An area is susceptible to root decay; or
  • To help a patient achieve better plaque control.